Local 755 Hollywood


The craftsmanship and skills of Local 755 members are numerous, but not limited to the following crafts descriptions. Feel free to contact Local 755 if you have further questions regarding the mentioned and non mentioned skills listed.


A local 755 plasterer creates character type textures with various types of materials such as, but not limited to, cement-based, gypsum-based, lime-based, joint compound, polyester, and urethane. By applying these materials either by hand using a hawk and trowel or by using spray equipment to achieve anything from a smooth wall to a heavy plaster look with plaster blowing off the wall, cracked, deteriorated, and water damaged . Plaster can also be used to achieve looks like brick, concrete form, heavy wood-grain or whatever is planned with imaginative designs. Plasterers also set ceramic tile, brick, block, and stone.


A Local 755 Sculptor is an artist who models a ‘vision’ into a tangible piece of art. Starting with drawings, photographs, and historical references, a sculptor can synthesize numerous eclectic styles into one work. Or, the sculptor can simply copy any style of art into any scale or size. Depending on the intended action for film, the sculptor decides which materials should be used to execute the Production Designer’s vision. For a sculpted construct, a structural metal armature for different types of clay is made, or if foam is appropriate, different types of densities for different strengths and finishes are used, depending on the detail needed and considered time constraints. Local 755 Sculptor models the surfaces by pushing and pulling the mediums volumetrically finding shape and form. Sculptors create environments, vehicles, statues, architecture, boats, spaceships, giant robots, and practically anything necessary providing realism or fantasy.


A Local 755 Shop Hand is a professional craftsperson providing the utmost expertise in model making, mold making, casting multiple parts, flexible molding, running ornamental details, hard coating of one-off sculptures, spraying of hard and flexible coatings and waterproofing. Shop Hands also create products by the use of vac-u-forming items, and spraying or hand layup fiberglass. They also assemble the objects together after molding. Shop Hands work closely with a production’s construction supervisor, art director, set designers, property manager, and at times the director to create a vision of items befitting the best Hollywood can offer.

Mold Making
Shop Hands create molds for anything needing to be reproduced multiple times, or a one off for special effects, set dressing, set construction, movie props, and foam and clay sculptures. Some examples are space ships, helicopters, futuristic cars and motorcycles, aliens, creatures, ice crystals, ice caves and molds of actors/stuntmen bodies for action movie sequences, and a countless number of other items as the list goes on.

Shop hands fabricate in a variety of materials including: Fiberglass, plaster, plastic urethanes, foam casting and coating, polyester resins, rubbers and a variety of breakaway materials for special effects.

Model making
Shop Hands also create a variety of models such as architectural plaster models, stone/rock models for mold preparation, foam and urethane model making, and much more.