The Local 755 has two unique job destinations which set us apart from other locals in the O.P. & C.M.I.A. Shop Hands & Sculptors along with Plasterers make our local a broader local to service the needs of the motion picture industry.

A shop hand's job description consists of mold making, casting multiple parts, running ornamental detail, resin coating one off sculptures, spray hard coating, vacuforming and assembling objects back together after molding.

A sculptor’s job description consists of carving of foam and clay. Carving tends to refer to the process of subtractive sculpture in which material is taken away from a solid block of foam. Sculpting tends to refer to additive sculpture which is the process of building up usually to a clay piece. In either process sculptors create environments, figures, ornament, or vehicles.

A plasterer’s job description consists of applying cement or plaster material to any object to achieve a final look before paint. This can mean to apply plaster to a simple wall just to achieve a consistent smoothness or it can mean creating any number of looks from bricks to wooden beams to poured board forms to rocks. The ladder is know as character work in which a plasterer sculpts the plaster to take on a look that most other locals don’t do. This can be done over wooden walls or over carved foam.

The local contains about 270 members in these three job classifications and continues to grow.